Lemony White Bean & Fennel Soup


lemony-white-bean-soupWhen life gives you lemons….. make soup!

The lovely Karen, Orchard Mistress Supreme at Lemon Ladies Orchard in Northern California, sent me a little gift box of Meyer lemons in the mail last week (as well as some of her amazing Santa Rosa plum jam). And I’ll tell you, in a year that has so far included birth and death, travel and tribulation, shoveling and shoveling and shoveling some more, months spent away from home, broken bones and broken water and broken hearts: it was a very welcome surprise.

While a good portion of these lovely Meyers are no doubt destined for cocktails (see aforementioned Trials & Tribulations of 2015), I wanted to make a simple, very lemony, soup, showcasing my favorite fennel, some gorgeous heirloom white beans from Rancho Gordo, and a really lovely olive oil that my friend Lynda brought up for Christmas.


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